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MALLSEX is a Vancouver-based, post-punk band.

Formed in 2018, and borne out of our love of Post-Punk and synthesizers, MALLSEX combines Electronic, Krautrock, Darkwave and Post-Punk influences.

Feeling strange and anxious about the state of the world, we (Ladder) filter that feeling into a pummeling attack of guitars and pads. The world is slanted and teetering.

We need to shake your mind and your body. Join us, and bring ear tissue.


From the drippy, oozy minds that brought you Teléfon and Cancertron… Together, Sean and Stuart form MALLSEX

PostPunk / DarkWave / Industrial / Experimental

Analog. Digital. Synthetic. Authentic. 100% real juice – not from concentrate

SEAN moved to Vancouver in 2014 from South Korea. Has been involved in the Post-Punk Ear Trash genre for years. Gently caresses the ivory from time to time. Also yells at microphone.

STUART has been involved in the music scene for years as a Producer/Songwriter/Musician. He plays several instruments with ferocious resolve and is drawn to wonky discordant sounds.



Discreet Services (2018)

Discreet Services has just been released!

1. Gag Order
2. Eradiator
3. Thousand Yard Stare
4. Granular
5. Particle Regenerator
6. Taffy
7. Side Effects
8. Psych Ops
9. Pylons
10. A Reverie (Shattered)

Look for the release on all major platforms! For bookings, press and everything else, please email

Discreet Services is released both digitally and physically.

Written, produced and performed by MALLSEX © 2018

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For bookings, press and everything else, please email


You’ll find the latest offerings in video and audio here. We will be creating a lot of content, so check back often.
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It won’t be long until we are coming soon to a theatre, gallery, stadium, basement, abandoned factory, club near you.

Currently we are in rehearsals working on our live show and we will be playing very soon.

Look for performance videos in the meantime as they will be posted here or on our Instagram page.

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All songs written, produced and performed by MALLSEX © 2018 – 2019
All copyrights are held by their respective owners. All Rights Reserved.